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Here are seven great destinations to consider if you are visiting the country for the first time, and wondering where to go to Colombia. Colombia is more than one million square kilometers of beauty and excitement. It is divided into six very different regions, and every one of them has something to see and offer. Because we know that it is not possible to cover such vast territory in only one visit, here are seven recommendations for you to pick where

Here are some options for those deciding where to stay in the main destinations of Colombia When it comes to decide where to stay in Colombia there are many options according to the plan. From bed and breakfasts, to hostels, guest houses, apartment rentals, and luxurious hotels. If you are going to a rural area, the best option is asking to a reliable travel agency. In the event you are going to one of the main cities in the country, here

Colombia is divided in regions, and departments. Here are some clues to place you on the political map of the country.  Where is Colombia located? Colombia is a relatively large country with 1,142 million km² of territory. You provably wonder where is Colombia located and, as you do your research, you’ll find out it is right on the north edge of South America. Colombia’s neighboring countries are Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, and Peru. It has a privileged geography, with two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific

Colombia is a South American country. But, where is it exactly? As your curiosity to get to know Colombia’s greatest destinations, such as Cartagena, Medellin, Chocó, or Bogota, you must be wondering: where is Colombia located on the map? Well, for starters, Colombia is country located on farther north side of South America, to the right of Venezuela, right under Panama, and on top of Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru.  Colombia has more than one hundred square kilometers of water, and it is

For decades –– thanks to the drug cartels, the guerrillas, and some questionable politicians –– Colombia was famous for its violence and danger. Still today, after more than ten year of being a country open to tourism, the first question travelers ask remains: Is Colombia really safe? Luckily, the situation has changed. There are now tens of reasons to visit the South American country. From the Caribbean paradise up north, to the wild Pacific shore, passing by the majestic Andean

If you are making plans to travel to Colombia and want to learn what to visit in the South American country, here are ten great recommendations. Put aside all the preconception you had about Colombia. As usual as it is to ask if the South American country is safe to visit, the answer is that it has been ever since 2007. On that note, when looking for a destination full of contrasts and diversity, Colombia is currently the right choice. It

The first thing people do when planning a trip to Colombia is asking themselves “Is Colombia safe?” ––Once they learn that it is indeed, the next step consists in finding out where the country is on the map. A description of where Colombia is located  At the furthest north of South America, Colombia expands its 1,142 million km² of territory. It is right under the Panama Canal, with one arm in the Caribbean, another arm touching the Pacific Ocean, and it is also one

If planning to visit the South American country, here is a list with everything you should know about Colombia.   Colombia is a beautiful country, rich in diversity ––it is known for having the largest variety of birds, and the second of butterflies, and frogs ––, fun celebrations all year long –– from the Barranquilla Carnival, to the Feria de Cali––, and amazing gastronomy. It is also marked by a past of violence that has followed Colombia’s reputation for quite a long

For you to get to Colombia, one of the hottest destinations of 2020, you have a variety of options going by air, water, or land.  According to the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), now that it is safe to go to Colombia, the country leads the ranking of places that will be trend in 2020. So, how to get to Colombia? here are some common routes to consider. Since Americans are the first visitors of the country, followed by people

The south American country is a popular destination, but before buying the ticket you first have to find out if Colombia is really safe. Colombia is rich in natural resources, beautiful landscapes, exuberant flora and fauna, and yes, as most readers may know, it also has opulent figures of violence. So, is Colombia safe for the traveler? In that area, the south American country has different levels of intensity, and a clear geographical segmentation that define the limits between safe and