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An interview with Cristina Fuentes, Hay Festival Director in the Americas Fifteen years since Hay Festival arrived in Colombia. How was that first festival, and what happened during these years for the event to become the great occasion it is today? We arrived in a very special moment in Colombian history. But we did not know it then. 2006 was the end of a very hard period for Colombia, it was starting to feel safe to be here. For example, a year

Carla Celia, Director of Barranquilla Carnival, talks about what it this celebration about, where does the Barranquilla Carnival come from, and also gives us five recommendation of the events we should not miss in 2020. How would you define the Barranquilla Carnival to a foreigner? Barranquilla Carnival is the most important cultural and folkloric celebration in Colombia.  Each year, this Caribbean party becomes a platform where several musical and dancing manifestations trigger the joy in native people and visitors. It is a

With more than a hundred years of history, the Barranquilla Carnival is today more relevant than ever. From the thousands of visitors coming to be part of the celebration, to the recent homage Shakira paid at the Super Bowl, an expert told us what is this big Colombian party about. *Ana Cristina Larsen is part of the Barranquilla Carnival Foundation Cultural Committee. In 2020, the celebration will take place between the 22nd and the 25th of February.  What is the Barranquilla Carnival? Barranquilla

When making the decision to visit Colombia, consider weather and every year calendar of events  Colombia is crossed by the equator, which means that the country does not have seasons. However, deciding when to go to Colombia is partially determined by its weather. Another factor to consider is cultural and natural events. In that other, here are some tips for you to make a good decision on when to go to Colombia. When to go to Colombia according to the weather Climate changes

If you are new to Colombia and you are planning a trip to the country, right after finding out if Colombia is safe, and where is it located, you need to know which currency Colombia uses. Right between the Colombian peso value, and the different bills and coins we use, here is a guide to Colombian money that will help you navigate your finances during your trip. Colombian Peso During the past few months the Colombian peso has fluctuated, leaving the average

Cartagena, the most popular destination in Colombia, is safest and closest than you thought. Cartagena has been Colombia’s touristic capital since the 40s because of its colonial infrastructure and Caribbean beach experience. It was the first city in the country to get independence from the Spanish crown, back in 1811. Ever since, it is known as La Heroica (The Heroic City). As it is such a magical city, you must now be wondering how to get to Cartagena.  Where is Cartagena located Well,

Once a year, Barranquilla becomes a monumental party that gathers hundreds of thousands of people. Here is some valuable information to get to the celebration. Where is Barranquilla Barranquilla is the economic capital of the Caribbean region of Colombia. When you ask how to get to Barranquilla, most people would tell you that it is located one hundred and thirty kilometers away from Cartagena de Indias. Even though Barranquilla is the place where the Magdalena River (the longest river in the country)