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5 events not to miss during the Barranquilla Carnival 2020

Carla Celia, Director of Barranquilla Carnival, talks about what it this celebration about, where does the Barranquilla Carnival come from, and also gives us five recommendation of the events we should not miss in 2020.

How would you define the Barranquilla Carnival to a foreigner?

Barranquilla Carnival is the most important cultural and folkloric celebration in Colombia.  Each year, this Caribbean party becomes a platform where several musical and dancing manifestations trigger the joy in native people and visitors. It is a unique experience, unforgettable for everyone who comes. From dancing on the streets, to dressing up, and sharing with hundreds of thousands of people the happiest days of the year in Colombia. 

What is the story behind the Barranquilla Carnival?

Before the Barranquilla Carnival, there were different popular festivities like the Cartagena de Indias Carnival. These festivities were brought to America by Europeans, and flourished thanks to the cabildos, mandingas, and carabalies congos or black enslaved people who lived in Cartagena. Years passed, and the Carnivals yielded to other celebrations like the Candelaria Festivities, and the 11th of November Celebration. Then, the Carnival moved to Barranquilla, where they got stablished in the 20th century. 

Other elements that favored the arrival of the Carnival to Barranquilla were the lack of colonial history we had, and not having a religious celebration. That allowed people from Barranquilla to enjoy the Carnival with no precedents, or prejudice. 

What are the five events everyone should go to during the Barranquilla Carnival in 2020?

  • La Guacherna: There will be a homage to Juan Piña during this parade. He was one of the most important characters in the tropical music scene.
  • The crowning of the Carnival Queen: It will be quite a spectacle, with the best shows of the Carnival, and a Ruben Blades concert.
  • The Metroconcierto of the Carnival: A wold-class show that brings amazing artists like the British band, UB40; the pop revolution, Ricky Martin; and also, el Patrón, Carlos Vives, Checo Acosta, Jessi Uribe, and Poncho Zuleta.
  • Dance on the street: the largest open sky dancefloor of the Barranquilla Carnival is on the Carrera 50 Par Vial.
  • Batalla de Flores: It takes place on Saturday. It is the biggest and most traditional parade of the Barranquilla Carnival.