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For you to get to Colombia, one of the hottest destinations of 2020, you have a variety of options going by air, water, or land.  According to the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), now that it is safe to go to Colombia, the country leads the ranking of places that will be trend in 2020. So, how to get to Colombia? here are some common routes to consider. Since Americans are the first visitors of the country, followed by people

The south American country is a popular destination, but before buying the ticket you first have to find out if Colombia is really safe. Colombia is rich in natural resources, beautiful landscapes, exuberant flora and fauna, and yes, as most readers may know, it also has opulent figures of violence. So, is Colombia safe for the traveler? In that area, the south American country has different levels of intensity, and a clear geographical segmentation that define the limits between safe and