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How far is Colombia from the United States

Find some information about temporal and geographical distance between some cities of the USA and Colombia

Colombia is located on the northern side of South America. In order to give you an idea of how far is Colombia from the United States, here are some direct routes to get here from different cities in the North American country.

How far is Colombia from Florida

The closest place in the United States to Colombia is Florida. Miami is a little bit more than 1000 miles away from Cartagena, and it takes around two hours and forty minutes to get there. If your destination is Bogota, the flight would last one more hour. There are also direct flights to Medellin, Barranquilla, and Cali. And you could fly from Fort Lauderdale.

How far is Colombia from Atlanta

Atlanta is a huge international hub. It is not that far from Colombia, considering that there is a whole subcontinent in the middle. Atlanta is 2100 miles away from Bogota. If you take a direct flight from there, it would take four hours and a half to arrive at the capital of Colombia.

How far is Colombia from New York

Getting from New York to Colombia would take a little bit longer, but not that much. If you are wondering how far is Colombia from New York, let’s make the calculation to Bogota. There are 2.480 miles between both cities. You could take a direct flight from New York to Cartagena, Bogota, or Medellin, which would take between five to six hours.

How far is Colombia from Los Angeles

Even though Colombia shares the Pacific Ocean with California, getting from LA to Bogota would take around seven hours. They are 3470 miles apart, and the only city that receives a direct flight from LA is the capital of Colombia.