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How far is Colombia from India

Find some information about temporal and geographical distance between India and Colombia

Even though Colombia and India have more than six decades of diplomatic relationship, there are still no direct flights from one country to the other. There are 9918 miles between both countries, and the faster way to travel is flying over Europe. For you to have an idea of how far is Colombia from India in time and space, here are some routes to get here if you are flying from New Delhi and Mumbai.

How far is Colombia from New Delhi

There are 9440 miles between Bogota and New Delhi. Getting from one city to the other would take at least 21 hours with one-stop. Airlines such Avianca, British Airways, AirFrance, Lufthansa, United, and KLM offer good options stopping in London, New York, Paris, or Amsterdam. Adding one more stop to your flight could make it last up to 47 hours.

How far is Colombia from Mumbai

Mumbai is relatively further than New Delhi. It is 9646 miles away from Bogota. Nevertheless, aerial options are pretty similar. One-stop flights would take at least 22 hours, and more than one-stop flight could take up to 47 hours.  From Mumbai, you could fly with the same airlines that depart from New Delhi, plus Etihad Airways, Iberia, Emirates, Qatar, among others.