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How far is Colombia from Italy

Find some information about temporal and geographical distance between Italy and Colombia

Every year, Colombia receives thousands of visitors from Italy. Their capital cities, Roma and Bogota, are 5821 miles apart. Even if there are direct flights to farther countries, there are none to connect Italy and Colombia. For you to have an idea of how far is Colombia from Italy in time and space, here are some routes to get here if you are flying from Rome and Milano.

How far is Colombia from Rome

Rome has the busiest airport in Italia, but none of the flights departing from the Italian capital flies to Colombia. Nonetheless, it is possible to find a good deal making only one stop with airlines such as AirEuropa, AirFrance, Iberia, KLM, Avianca, LATAM, Lufthansa or Delta. It would take 14 hours and up to 40 to get to Bogota from Rome.

How far is Colombia from Milan

Milan is 5650 miles from Bogota flying over the Atlantic, a bit closer than Rome. Plus, it would could less time to land on the Colombian capital. From 13 and a half hours and up. You could find a ticket to take you to the South American country making only one stop in Madrid, Paris, or Amsterdam in airlines such as AirEuropa, Iberia, AirFrance, or KLM.