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How to get to Cartagena

Cartagena, the most popular destination in Colombia, is safest and closest than you thought.

Cartagena has been Colombia’s touristic capital since the 40s because of its colonial infrastructure and Caribbean beach experience. It was the first city in the country to get independence from the Spanish crown, back in 1811. Ever since, it is known as La Heroica (The Heroic City). As it is such a magical city, you must now be wondering how to get to Cartagena. 

Where is Cartagena located

Well, the city is located in the northern region of Colombia. With almost one million people, it is the fifth economy of the coutry after Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Barranquilla. If you want to know how to get to Cartagena by car, it is one hour a half ride from Barranquilla, and two hours and a half from Santa Marta. If you want to know how to get to Cartagena by car from Bogota or Medellin, it would take between 10 to 18 hours to get to the Caribbean coast, so we recommend to take a plane. 

What is the closest airport to Cartagena, Colombia

According to the Colombian Migration Office, Cartagena receives around four million visitors every year from all around the country and the world. 23% from United States, 17% from Europe, and 15% from Central America and the rest of the Caribbean. Rafael Nuñez International Airport operated an average of 58 flights a day. Eighteen of such come from international cities, which are: Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York, Orlando, Ciudad de Mexico, Balboa, Ciudad de Panama, Lima, Madrid, and Amsterdam. These flights are operated by airlines such as Avianca, Copa, Delta, Spirit, Jet Blue, and KLM. 

How to get to Cartagena from the United States

There are several direct flights from the United States to Cartagena. If you want to know how to get to Cartagena from Florida, it would take around three hours either from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and the direct flights are operated by Spirit, Avianca, United, American Airlines. If you want to know how to get to Cartagena from New York, there are also direct flights that take five hours operated by Avianca, and Jet Blue. 

How to get to Cartagena from Europe

If you want to know how to get to Cartagena from Europe, you must know that you have to make a stopover in Miami, Bogota, or New York. KLM has a flight six times a week that takes over in Amsterdam, lands in Bogota, and then goes to Cartagena where it takes over again to Amstedam.  From June 2020, there will be a direct flight from Madrid four times a week operated by Plus Ultra Airline. 

How to get to Cartagena from Latin America

Panama City serves as a hub for international flights within the continent, but there are also direct flights from Mexico City, and Lima. If you are not in any of those three cities and you want to know how to get to Cartagena from the rest of Latin America, you could stopover in Panama, Lima, or Bogota. Flight could take from seven to four hours, and they are operated by LATAM, Copa, and Avianca.