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What to pack for Colombia

Your trip to Colombia is coming soon, and still don’t know what to pack? These recommendations will help you out to make up your mind about what to put in your bag.

Colombia is a very diverse country, and it is not only in terms of flora and fauna. It also has a variety of climates. If you are considering traveling to more than one city, it is possible that you will need different sets of garments. It all depends on the region you are visiting and the time of the year. First advice: do not trust the weather forecast.

What to pack for every region in Colombia

Unless you are visiting the country between December and the end of February, you are going to get some rain here and there. Pack a good umbrella, and a raincoat (if you are going to Bogota). It is also important to have bug spray, as most places in Colombia are hot and humid. Sunscreen will be helpful, even in cold territories. And the very essential water bottle will keep yourself hydrated at every second.

When it comes to documents, bring your passport. But also keep a copy of it with you. Even though it is not mandatory to have any vaccine to enter the country, have your vaccines certification with you. It will be helpful in case you get sick during your trip. In that order, save a hard copy of your health insurance with you at every time.

What to pack if you are going to the coasts and warmer territories

Both coast in Colombia are very hot. Respectively, pack light clothes, sandals (and flip flops), and a large hat to keep you head and face protected from the sun. Beaches and rivers are amazing, so bring a couple of bathing suits to enjoy long days of ocean and sun bathing.

If you are planning to go to Tayrona, the national parks around the Coffee belt, or take a hike around the rainforest of Chocó, pack good hiking boots for the journey, and a backpack to keep the basics with you.

What to pack if you are going to Bogota or the highlands

Bogota and the highlands are not only cold places, but every volatile. You could wake up to a sunny day, and have a storm before noon. Take this in consideration when packing. Take a light rain jacket with you. Also, make sure you have leather shoes or rain boots, and thick socks to keep your feet dry and warm.  Likewise, it could get really cold. So, pack a beanie, gloves, and a scarf just in case.

What to pack if you are going to the jungle areas of Colombia

If you are planning to go to Amazonas, it is indispensable to get the Yellow Fever shot. Make sure you carry your vaccine certification with you. Besides the essentials for every region in Colombia, take a flashlight, compass, a first aid kit to make sure you are prepared for a walk in the wild side of the country.  Taking hiking pants and vest for the trip will keep you not only comfortable, but protected from plants, and the animals’ bites.