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Where Colombia Is Located

The first thing people do when planning a trip to Colombia is asking themselves “Is Colombia safe?” ––Once they learn that it is indeed, the next step consists in finding out where the country is on the map.

A description of where Colombia is located

 At the furthest north of South America, Colombia expands its 1,142 million km² of territory. It is right under the Panama Canal, with one arm in the Caribbean, another arm touching the Pacific Ocean, and it is also one of the neighboring countries of the Amazonian jungle. There, in the south, Colombia shares borders with Brazil. The Andes, that go up from Chile, enter Colombia through the limits shared with Peru and Ecuador. 

With more than 48 million people, Colombia has a variety of climates that could go from summery weather (as it is in the Caribbean region where Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Barranquilla are), to all-year spring (as it is in Medellin), and the eternal seasons of fall (as it is Bogota and the paramos). 

How long does it take to get to Colombia?

To understand where is Colombia located, and if you are doing research on how to get to Colombia, you could also measure the time it takes to get here. From Miami to Bogota, it takes around three hours and a half. From New York, it would take two more hours. If you are considering to travel from Europe, a flight from Madrid to Bogota takes around ten hours and a half, and from Barcelona eleven hours and a half. A flight from Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile to Bogota takes around six hours.