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Where to go in Colombia

Here are seven great destinations to consider if you are visiting the country for the first time, and wondering where to go to Colombia.

Colombia is more than one million square kilometers of beauty and excitement. It is divided into six very different regions, and every one of them has something to see and offer. Because we know that it is not possible to cover such vast territory in only one visit, here are seven recommendations for you to pick where to go if you visit Colombia. 

Where to go in Bogota

The capital of Colombia is located on top of a mountain, which is why it feels like fall all year long. Because it rains most days, it has lots of green and indoor activities for every taste. From the Museo del Oro, where you can find one of the largest gold pre-columbine piece collection in the world, to two of the best restaurants in Latin America (Leo and El Chato). You can also find some of the most vibrant night clubs of the continent. La Candelaria, the old neighborhood, is loaded with national history and colonial architecture. Usaquen is nice on Sundays, and going up to Monserrate will give you a magnificent view of the city. 

Where to go in Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the most famous destinations, not only in Colombia but in Latin America. Located on the Caribbean coast, its walled city is 16th-century architectonical jewelry. Because of its location, Cartagena also has beautiful beaches. Thirty minutes away from downtown (by water), you can find Barú and the Rosario Island Archipelago for the perfect experience of beauty and relaxation. 

Where to go in Medellin

Considered one of the most innovative cities in the world, Medellin is an example of resiliency and how to grow out of violence. Filled with amazing museums like the MAMM and the Antioquia Museum, extraordinary nature around the Botanical Garden and the Arvi Park, great shops and restaurants in El Poblado neighborhood, and the best traditional food in Rio Negro to have a good Bandeja Paisa for lunch.

Where to go in San Andrés Island

It is located in the Caribbean close to the Nicaraguan coast. It is known for the colorful houses made of wood and one of the largest coral reefs in the continent. San Andres offers a variety of outdoor activities: scuba diving and snorkeling, visiting the caves and natural pools, or just staying at the Spratt Bight or Rocky Bay beaches to take some sun and listen to the amazing local music of the Island. 

Where to go in Salento

Right in the heart of the Colombian coffee region, Salento is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Surrounded by green hills, there are several coffee plantations where you could get to know the experience of planting and collecting one of the best beans in the world and the culture that surrounds it. One of the most breathtaking plans in Salento is visiting the Cocora Valley, a hike that takes around five hours where you’ll get to see the tallest wax palms, the Colombian national tree. 

Where to go in Leticia

Leticia is located in the south bottom of Colombia. It is bathed by the Amazonas River, sharing a border with Peru and Brazil. It is also the capital of the Amazonas department, right in the heart of the jungle. Known for its ecological tours, and natural parks and protected areas (like the Natural Reserve Taninboca), Leticia is a good place to get in touch with the enormous diversity of Colombia. Try the striking gastronomy of the Amazonas region, get closer to the numerous indigenous people living in the area (visit the Ethnographic Museum) and get astonished by the amazing scenery. 

Where to go in Nuquí

Hidden between the Pacific rainforest and the ocean, Nuquí is a paradise for the adventurer. It offers dense beaches, humid and thick walks around the jungle, and one of the richest cuisines in the country. During the humpback whale mating season (July to November), Nuquí is the perfect spot for a wildlife spectacle.